About CoorsTek Sensors

We Make the World Measurably Better
— By Measuring the World Better

Smart sensors for emissions in industrial and automotive applications.

CoorsTek Sensors develops, manufactures, and delivers unique smart sensors for improving the environment around us. Combining the unique technologies from our wholly owned subsidiaries, EmiSense Technologies, LLC, and Pegasor Oy, with CoorsTek's manufacturing expertise, we provide outstanding measurement solutions for real-time/on-board automotive emissions, indoor and outdoor air-quality monitoring, and stationary power/stack monitoring.

The company is headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, with development and sales facilities in Tampere, Finland; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Ladera Ranch, California. Our current technologies are primarily focused on electrostatic (charged and non-charged) particle measurement for real-time measurement of particulate matter below PM2.5 and simplified measurement of NOx for automotive on-vehicle applications.

Photo of Denver city downtown skyline.

Photo of Timothy I. Coors, CEO

Timothy I. Coors
Chief Executive Officer
CoorsTek Sensors, LLC

Our Vision

We Make the World Measurably Better — By Measuring the World Better.

We do this through our core business strengths of customer engineering, materials expertise, and operational excellence.

Our Mission

To develop and deploy smart sensors, across diverse markets, focused on improving the environment around us.

Our Values

These values are summed up by Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships. We aim to be Respectful to each other and our customers. We have a Responsibility to our employees, our customers, our owners, and the environment. We value the Relationships which we build between employees and our customers.

  •   In everything, we do to others what we would have them do to us
  •   We do what we say, and say what we mean
  •   We create outstanding value for our customers
  •   We work together to make our company the best